A garden in shambles

well as predicted earlier in the year the small garden I attempted has gone fallow. There is very little food that has done anything so far. 

garden overgrown with weedsI’ve also made the mistake of thinking I could coexist with a ground hog that has taken up residence here on the homestead. He’s turning out to be a bad neighbor. 

varmint crop damageThis used to be my garlic and onions. I won’t know what is left until fall. The little bugger has also destroyed my squash. The cucumbers succumbed to a lack of water. The potatoes have gone native. All in all its a big mess.  an oblong tomato One small success though are these tomatoes. They are way behind and growing in very odd shapes but growing none the less. I also spotted one cucumber in the wood core bed that resembles a ball rather than a cucumber. I guess I can take this as proof that the wood core design holds water better. 

I can’t help but think how hard winter would be if that garden was a substantial source of nutrition for us. It kind of makes my thumb feel black. At this point in the seasoning thinking I will just let it ride and see what comes out. 

As for mr ground hog there is officially a writ of death upon him. His time is at an end…….

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Camping at Emerald Lake Day 4 (breakdown day)

it’s quiet this morning. Something internal clicked, waking me up at quarter of six. We have tested the boundaries of our water and holding capacity and found two and a half days is about the max using water normally. 

 coffee perkolating  
It’s an anxious wait for the coffee to brew. Whatever clicked, has gone back to bed leaving me groggy. 

The breakdown is in full swing now, and we are way ahead of schedule. 

More to come. Until then, take care. 

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Camping at Emerald Lake Day 3

Today is the last full day here at the park for us. The girls have declared it a “beach day” which has given me some nice quiet time with camp dog. 

 camp dog enjoying the dirt

He has become a conoseures of fine camp ground dirt. His collection currently spans three states. 

I’m split now wether the voltage drain is the heater or the water pump. We have only used he water pump this weekend and have the same results; a c02 detector that won’t shut up. Needless to say this trip we don’t need the heater so the little bastard got unhooked. 

I tell you that story because it led to the discovery of another project on the camper. It seems that whomever wired the thing firmly believed they were gifted. I’ve found a ball of in labeled wiring with tons of dead ends that need to be traced back. Yippie 

Gone now to finish the evening with friends at their campsite on the edge of a cliff. 

 a pot cooks oveelooking a cliff  

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Camping at Emeeald Lake Day 2

 sun rising theough trees 
The sun is coming up, the natives are screaming daddy from the bushes. This can only mean one thing. Day two is here!

We have pretty much concluded that our power issues stemmed from the heater since our battery is holding fine on this outing. 

I’ve also found a few more projects on the camper. It seems that in order to put the awning onto the camper whoever did it sliced into the roof membrane. Naturally it began to leak when the sealant aged; and now there is not enough solid wood to tighten down the wiggling awning. I guess that one goes on the list as well. 

The camp ground hat was quiet yesterday is now filling up fast.  The droves of people escaping normal for a weekend in the woods. 

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Camping at Emerald lake state park Day 1

we have finally arrived after traversing some of the most curvy and bumpy roads man has created. It was all part of a plan to avoid a pretty good sized mountain. 

We arrived around seven and split forces to get set up and dinner ready. The little grill that could performed amazingly again though we are still perfecting the charcoal amounts

 a roaring grill 
Dinner has been done for an hour ant this thing is still chugging. 

More tomorrow but for now I’m bushed. 

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Here comes some rough days

Well were barreling back toward winter. All the preparations that have been being treated with a grasshopper mentality are now looming. There’s heat to buy, tires to replace, drafts to stop. There seems to be a never ending stream presenting itself demanding attention.

I’m confident that all of these will be accomplished but still it seems daunting. I still wonder though what it looked like in the olden days when these types of tasks bunched up. We’re they allowed to bunch up? Surely there was a wholly different mindset when bunching meant big trouble. Either way we will be ready

The garden this year has been an utter disappointment. Nothing has taken at all and I’m quite sure nothing will fruit except the raspberries and some peas. It feels like a mix of tired soil and not enoug sun. I’m thinking that the large trees will need to come out pretty soon. 

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First fruits

thought I would throw up a quick post to show off the first fruits of the year. 

 a bowl of fresh raspberries 

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