Breaking free. Pick a direction

good morning my awesome readers. There are lots of questions today I can’t seem to put answers to. It is a feeling like spinning in the wind and not knowing how to stop. 

I think that if I write it down the act of doing so will help me unravel it. I also have the benefit of the best readers on the planet. So here it goes. 

As many of you know I’m currently stuck in the corporate grind, and I want out. Not just out though, out and away. I want to get to a place where I’ll never have to go back. 

I’m too old to believe that repairing old lawn mowers, and setting up a farm stand on .2 acres will even make a dent in replacing my current situation. I need to develop a net if you will that pulls together all of the little things I do well into one amalgamation that will scale up to replace corporate America for me. 

The thought this morning is how do I harness al of these computer related skills I’ve spent years aquiring and stick them to the new lifestyle being crafted. 

So here’s what I can do. If you see a way to put these together that I miss please please let me know. 

  • All Microsoft office
  • HTML 
  • Some JavaScript 
  • Css 
  • Gimp
  • Some joomla 
  • Some FTP

My initial thought was screaming to take a weekend and make a bunch of demo websites and stuff them on an old computer that can play host. Then take these samples out to local businesses and see what happens. 

Another thought is to hold these skills and develop the arduino skills aggressively to construct managed micro greenhouses. My best murky guess on this one is six months to a year learning what needs to be known. 

If you guys have walked this road, are walking it. Please reach out to me, I could really use like minded folks that understand where I am. 

Until next time…

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You mean I’m not buying the power company on a payment plan?

long story short, I’m not buying the power company it only feels that way. We have something at the homestead that is chewing up power like the NSA has a data center in the basement. It must be found. 

With some help from our local efficiency agency (I think that’s how it is called) we now have a loaner watt meter thingamabobber ( technical term) they mailed it out to us to use free for three weeks to isolate the voltage hog. 

My initial thought was the fridge since it is old, but that’s not appearing to be the case just yet. 

The results are back on the fridge. It is only costing us three dollars more than a new one. I can live with that since the return on three dollars a month would be longer than the life of a new fridge. The next appliance is he chest freezer but that is very new, and as he data streams in everything looks normal. 

The next stop was the coffee maker. This thing pulls some juice. 17 Kw per month according to the monitor. While it is not the culprit it sure is not helping. 

So far I haven’t found anything wildly out of whack, it could be that it is an amalgamation of a bunch of things. So far I have no way to test the hard wired components like the water heater and dryer. I will need some more research on those. 

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Bio mass collection from useless lawn

this idea seems to be working fairly well. I’m not sure that it is worth the headache that comes with trying it. 

I’ve let the useless lawn grow up so that I might finally have a use for it. My plan is to harvest it similar to hay. Then it will be used to make compost. 

The growth rate is excellent. The amount of nitrogen rich biomass that I have already is threatening the capacity of my bin. 

The problem with the process comes from the outdated thought pattern that lawns need to be cut to just the right height and remain there in perpetuity. When this is coupled with a female mind that is set on having it that way, well it gets difficult. 

This is a good first step, and it moves the lawn a little bit away from 100% expense. 

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Camping at Button Bay Day Three

Well there is no glorious tale of the pack up day this time. We were all hot and cranky, it did not go well. But we all made it back. 

Back to the regular world, life in a cube, and the stress of normal life. 

I believe this was our last outing of the year with the camper. Soon school will start, leaves will fall, and snow will fly. 

The camper continues to show signs that it needs repair. Look for those posts soon. 

Until next time… Be safe

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Camping at Button Bay Day Two Part Two

Well camp dog is furious. 

a napping camp dog 
Between the rain, and the biblical plague level bugs he’s been stuck inside most of the day. 

The rain has finally let up at last. We got a good light show out of the deal though. Here is a better view from my front porch this weekend. 

 a field of purple flowers 

So with the generator problems today, I’m left here making coffee by iPhone light. And on that note see you tomorrow. 

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Camping at Button Bay Day Two

I thought I would start today with this lovely image. Today we reinforced  the knowledge that ethanol gas sucks a lot. The generator is dead, and we are back to charcoal. 

  bacon ready to cook on a grill grate

So now I am going to need to take apart the bowl and try to clean the float. 

Luckily we are surrounded by good neighbors with kids so the girls have gone to play, and it is quiet here. 

Cleaning a carb bowl without all the right tools is a challenge. Everything is back together now, I’m just hoping the seals weren’t totally smoked. Unfortunately I ran out of time to test fire it this morning. The state parks are quite picky about when you run generators.   

We have a pretty good sized storm coming in now from the west. 

 a storm rolling in 

This looks like good napping weather. 

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Camping at Button Bay Day One

well it’s time to take the camper out again. This is perhaps our last trip of the year. 

The ride up is picturesque. Through farms and small towns you can see the lake in the background. 

We finally arrived to this view. 

 cloudy sky with lake in the background

 a field of purple flowers
Behind us there is a huge field of these purple flowers, milkweed, and goldenrods. 

It is amazingly flat here. I can see from end to end. It is a bit bizarre, and like no state park I’ve ever visited. 

Bbq pork for supper tonight. Unfortunately there are no pictures. I had a senior moment. We have met the first strike so far. The pool apparently closes at 3pm. I had the misfortune to discover this with a truck full of amped up kids. My ears are still ringing. 

Day one is a bit of a wash. 

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