Kiwi put a fence up?

sorry about the bad pun gang, but the kiwis have been planted. They will be the cornerstone to the garden fence. I’ve recently discovered livestock fence. Or hog panels if you will. I now have a million ideas including a greenhouse. But I’ll start slow with an arbor for the kiwi and work my way up. 

 two snall kiei plants 
I’ve also got two of the six tomato hoops built. They’re not as strong as the store bought ones but at the cost of free who can complain?

  homade tomato hoops 

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Cleaning up, and the forgotten lawn mower

Todays list started with removing branches that had fallen in the winter, and were blocking the gate. This had me on top of a ladder praying not to be badly broken. 

 ladder resting on a tree 
 All of the wood will be claimed for campfire fun this summer. The quest began with the need to recover the lawn mower which over wintered in a snow bank. True to form the old girl fired right up, even on old gas. Looks like there is no riding tractor for me this summer. 

 a lawn mower

I’m still trying to get rid of lawn a little at a time. This years perennial addition is kiwi. I plan to integrate this into a fence around the front gardens. 

 kiwi plants  

I’m willing to bet these will make a delicious jelly or jam. They will also work well with the strawberries for smoothies. The kids have become smoothie conoseures. 

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Progress. Finally 

today was a good day. Finally put some food into the ground. I think I missed my asparagus it’s now a foot tall. I’m not sure if it can still be eaten or not. If you know, let me know. 


asparagus growing with rhubarb

I also put in two rows of beans, and a half dozen each of squash and cucumbers. 

 two garden beds

I’ve also put in a half dozen tomato plants in the micro Hugle  mound. Tonight’s project is tomato cages. I was looking at store bought ones but then I remembered a box of coat hangers that was given to me a year ago and couldn’t justify the spending. 
 young tomato plants 
I’ll post some pictures of the cages tomorrow. 


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Fireside post second night

Fully settled in now. The ban has lifted for small camp fires. 

 a small camp fire 
Thus we have this lil beauty. We finally have a few neighbors. 

Tonight we grilled burgers and pork on the griddle which was a good test for it because the marinade tends to act like its sugar based. 

The griddle handled it so well. The cleanup was all of 30 seconds. 

 pmork cooking on a griddle
It even survived a metal spatula (used gently of course) 

 spatula flipping burgers 
Lilred dog has finally settled enough to hold himself. He’s anxious with new surroundings, but is seeming to enjoy reconnecting with his inner wolf. 

 dog with leash on  head
  Things are calming down for the evening. Now for some relaxing by a fire. 

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On the road gear review; electric griddle

 bacon and pancakes cooking 

Today I thought I would put up an initial impression product review. Meet the Presto cool touch electric griddle. 

It is an aluminum cook top with a non stick  coating that is 10.5 by 20 inches. There is plenty of room for a half pound of bacon and 6 1.5 inch pancakes. 

The griddle has what you would expect to see, removable drip tray, temperature control, and safety plastic ring around it. The packaging also boasts that it is fully immersable. Because the unit is purchased, this won’t be a feature I’ll be testing. 

It is also very lightweight. You can carry it easily in one hand down camper steps. The light weight also aids in keeping overall camper weight down. 

I’ve found its a power gulper at 1500W. I’m sure there is a lower power option in the market. If your out in a camper with no hookups don’t plan on running this bad boy off the battery. We ran it from our generator this morning and had no problems. 

 pancakes and vacon cooking
It was a little slow to start up, but I think that had to do with my haste to get breakfast. Once it came up to temperature the pancakes cooked lighting quick and perfect golden brown. 

Couple that with the 18.00 Amazon prime price (we paid 40) and your sitting pretty. 

My first impression is that while the unit is a bit of a power hog it transfers that to the convenience of a quick breakfast. Which is really the goal when the whole family is hungry.  

We are planning to do some pork chops on it this afternoon due to the totalitarian burn ban that is still in effect. Look for more updates on this unit as the summer goes on. 

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Quick post from the phone on the road. 

We have arrived at our first stop for camping. 

 Since it is a state park that we chose to cut our teeth in there are no services. Power and water all self contained. Much to our Sharon there is also a full burn ban in effect so no snores either. truck and camper in the woods 
The camper set up flawlessly and we have a great view of the river. 

 a path wit river in the background 
Another nice thing is that because it is so early in the year, we have no neighbors. 

 empty campsites 
More to come. 

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Seeing the first signs of life.

this weekend was a busy one. Most of it revolved around the home away from homestead. With our first family outing just a week away it’s crunch time for preparing. In between that and the rest of life there was a little time for gardening. 

 early season rhubarb  
The rhubarb is starting to come out. I love the colors

an early season strawberry  baby asparagus beginning to pop up

We are also seeing the strawberries come out, and the very first hints of asparagus. We also were gifted a ton of garlic so we put that in as well. It’s the wrong side of the season, but I think it will be ok since it was already established  

transplanted garlic
I finally brought myself to call the compost place to get prices, as it turns out the prices are pretty darn good. This will really help out for developing the existing beds and starting my plan to extend, which may not need to be held off after all. 
One other small development, our logo has arrived from our illustrator. It looks fantastic and I’m hopeful that I’ll have it up here this week.

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