The fourth on cobble day four

We survived the fourth and the associated parties. We were treated to an awesome fireworks show that surrounded us on all sides. What an amazing time. 

Packing up slowly today the sun is hot hydration is the word of the day.  Camp dog has it down. 

a dog in the shade
The more I look over the camper the more I see little things that need to be fixed. Stay tuned to see all the coming projects. 


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The fourth on cobble day three

well here I am at five in the morning watching the last of the party goers keep the smoldering party alive. There is a pig on the spit and the sun has just started poking over the hills. 

 sun rising in the hills 
Ahead is a day full of parades, fireworks, and food. 

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The fourth on cobble day two

woke to a really great view, it’s going to be an awesome day. 

 a hot air baloon floats over a mountian 
The camper floor has more damage than I had thought. It will be the next project on the list after this trip. The garden is simply not taking off. I’m hoping that it will pick up now that we are out of the rain for a couple of days, and the temperature is above 60. 

One good thing is we have realized every ones dogs behave better off leash; camp dog approves.

 camp dog in the shade 

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The fourth on cobble

we have arrived at our friends home for the fourth. What a day, getting the camper squared away and set up. We were rewarded with this awesome view. Thought I would share it with you all. 

 moonrise over a bonfire 

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Stillwater camping day three. 

Long and short, we need another battery for the battery bank.  Last night was freezing. We’re talking about mid thirties. Naturally we kicked on the heat. The warmth only lasted until around 2AM. The propane/c02 detector began to beep. Now if you can imagine having to decipher blink codes at 2AM, I was not a happy camper. The code was politely telling us at 120Db that the voltage was low, and that the kind detector proceeded to remind us of this fact every 30 seconds until dawn. 

Given the state parks rules on generating power at 2AM (something about blah blah trying to sleep blah blah) the genny was out. We thought for a second about hooking onto the truck, but idling a V8 under the bunk end didn’t seem like it would work out well. The only option left was to cut the heat and hunker down. 

So here we are at the crack of dawn maneuvering camp chairs from sun patch to sun patch like desert lizards. All because one battery is not enough. 

Finally we have come to the generator window. I caught myself counting the seconds. 

Breakfast came and went, the family is warm and out for a walk with the grandparents. Their absence has given me a good time to get ideas for camper repair and upgrades. 

Top of the list is of course the extra battery. Also right up there are some plumbing upgrades. I want to add a bypass that allows us to fill the reserve tank through the city water hook up. And another to relocate gray water to the black tank to use the extra tank space. 

The big project of course is repairing the damaged floors. While it is not a difficult project it will be time consuming and require pulling the dinet out. 

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The Stillwater trip day one

we have arrived. Far from the luxurious accommodations we had last weekend. This is closer to camping. Set up is coming much easier now, and is taking far less time.

 a camp fire 
It’s nice to take the time to relax though the many chores on the homestead are calling. There is no doubt when I get back there will be potatoes to mound and a hundred other things on the list. 

 a garden 
Found this great looking garden at the ranger station. It’s a complete ring of grass, with maples inside of that. Stones ring the smaller ornate garden inside. In the square box of landscape timbers, inside that was another smaller square forming a diamond. 

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Camping trip 2 final day

Today is the wonderful day where everything gets packed up and then we drive five hours home. 

It wasn’t always wonderful…..

In the dark days it used to be a race to get everything into bags and stuffed into the carbefore  the park rangers kicked us out. Then was the drive home, followed by unloading and washing everything. 

It’s much simpler now. We can clean up at a slower pace once we get back to the homestead. We also have the facilities now to be sure that laundry doesn’t come home dirty. And dishes do not need to be re cleaned. 

Even though packing up is far easier now. I still find that I drag my feet. I guess I’ll always be the kid at my core. 

 a closed up camper 
Well camp is broken once again. Time to get on the road and start the five hour journey home. 

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