Re purposed coffee maker

Today has been a quiet rainy day at the homestead. I have a good book, some movies, and a warm blanket.  All was going according to plan until it was time to have my afternoon coffee.  I ran the normal steps, add water, add grounds, flip switch, and wait. So I waited, and waited, twenty minutes later no coffee. My coffee maker had died!

Aside from a cataclysmic world altering event, this is the worst thing that could happen. Or is it?

For a long time there has been an ongoing battle. For me it was with the electric company, and their outrageous monopoly style rates. For my wife it was with me, to turn off the coffee maker. I have found a solution to the problem.

I converted my electric drip coffee maker into a more efficient machine. How efficient you ask?

Well the answer to that is, up to 100%. I was deep in the throes of agony while debating whether or not to use gas, money, and waste the cup going to the store to buy a coffee. That’s when it hit me. I have a homesteading blog, and I need a blog entry.

What sat before me was nothing short of a manual drip coffee maker that usually costs $30. It just didn’t know it yet. I started by taking off the electric cord with wire cutters, it no longer needs a tail.


The second step was to remove the brewer head. If you try this I will warn you to be careful when removing it. The knife that you use can bite you, and the plastic can become rather sharp.

2013-05-24_16-34-31_382 2013-05-24_16-35-31_105

Next I replaced the basket, with grounds and filter, boiled some water, and in less than five minutes I had fresh hot coffee.


What makes this coffee special? It cost next to nothing to make, and I saved the money that would have been needed to replace the entire unit, by modifying it. That’s some good tasting Joe!

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