This week has been awash with job responsibilities and domestic chores, there has not been a lot of time for homestead work. Even though there have not been opportunities to push dirt and build, there have been quite a few chances to do some planning.

We now have another garden bed built that is waiting for dirt to get it started. This bed was created by taking the top row of boards from the existing 6×6 raised bed that we have been using and applying them to a new bed. When this bed is complete it will join the others to give us 156 square feet of growing space on the property. This new bed will be holding our calorie crops. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, and more beans to be exact.

The way that they have been laid out will allow for trellises between the beds that grow over the walking paths. This will take the squashes and cucumbers vertical, conserving space inside the boxes.

One other project that I am looking into is converting some desert space on the back deck into a productive area. I am still working on the details, and I believe that it will work; the biggest issue will be doing so in a way that the cost per square foot of growing space does not go through the roof. The space is a 16×16 area with 3 foot railings and a substantial 6 foot drop to the ground on one side. The area is perfect for sun loving herbs and hanging vine crops, often exceeding 7 hours of direct sun a day. The current plan that I have going in my mind would cost $2.57 per square foot of growing space. It would also consume quite a bit of time to construct. Generally speaking this price is not too bad to increase the growing space by 162 square feet, but I am thinking that the project can be completed for less money, and perhaps less time.

Keep an eye out for more on this project down the road.


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