Most of the world has some manner of four legged wet nosed friend that they call their own.

Naturally the trouble is not with the wet nose, but with the other end. These monsters eat, and all of that food needs to go somewhere. The trouble that we are having here at the homestead is that the end result of fuzzy friends is rendering large portions of our already small usable area, unusable.  The waste generated by the dogs here, while mostly just poop could harbor parasites and pathogens that are harmful to the family. These same elements are no good to have around edible plants.

Since we bought the property we have been maintaining the waste using a simple wire hoop, and stacking the waste in it like a garbage pail. Over time the waste breaks down and rejoins the soil, while it is doing so however it stinks.  The nature of how the waste breaks down this way also allows a lot of water in the form of rain to pass over the pile, potentially spreading the nastiness around.

With this in mind I set to the internet in search of the optimum solution for this problem.

I found both the method that should be employed as well as several companies willing to sell this method to you for what I thought was an exorbitant price, given what the method is.  The best description that I can use is a septic tank for critters. The system uses a five gallon bucket with the bottom cut off and the handle removed. This bucket is then sunk into a hole that is roughly a foot deeper than the bucket, and lined with a layer of 1” stone. The resulting pit is then covered with a wood top made to the size of the bucket used. Waste is then added and periodically sprinkled with Rid-X, or a similar product.

The results are that waste is out of the way, and does not stink up the yard. Another good effect of using this technique is that it will allow me to plant a non-edible bed around it and have a good supply of flowers. The flowers from the bed can either be used to scent the home or sold from a stand on the side of the road.

Because of the nasty weather we have been having here in the north east, the system is not installed yet.  The weather guesser is calling for the rain to stop around Wednesday; I will post pictures when the system is installed.



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