It’s summertime again and the ants have come. This leaves us with a few choices to make. Will we continue to use the old outdated methods involving poison? Or are we going to step out of the box and try something unique? Over the course of the last few weeks I have been looking for a viable solution. I think that I may have found it. The solution comes in the simplest form that could be thought up. It is nothing more than an empty paint can that is buried in the ground. Into the paint can is put an inch or so of water, followed by some dish soap. Then you build a tower of sorts with a piece of PVC pipe or a metal nipple. A bleach cap or large juice cap is then taped to the column. Then the entire column is wrapped with Teflon plumbers tape. Sugar is placed in the top of the cap and then the tower is lowered into the dish soap moat as it were.
Here is where the magic comes into the project. With the paint can buried up to the rim in the soil, the ants can see the tasty treat just there on the other side of the ravine. When they deduce that all they need to do is climb down and walk across the water in order to climb the tower and get the food, their plans are thwarted when they hit the dish soap. The dish soap reduces the surface tension of the water in the bottom of the pail causing the ants to no longer be able to walk across.
On the off chance that you have Olympic swimming ants on your lawn the Teflon tape around the post thwarts them back into the water. My best guess is that ants are pretty single minded when it comes to a bowl of sugar, because all of the reviews that I have read claim that this works. So unless you have the heavy thinking ants on your property this should work.
I plan to employ these on the property to a fairly small scale. Even though we do have a lot of ants I think that to use these on a large scale would upset the balance, and I shutter to think what could happen then. Look for pictures of the completed project in the next week or so.



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