Photos of ant traps and dog poop composters

  In between the rain drops of the. Last few weeks we have been able to complete some stages of a few projects around the homestead. The dog pop composter is installed, and the non toxic ant traps are working. The links to both of. The posts can be found at the bottom of this post.

soda bottle caps
simple bottle caps will hold the bait
Wrapping the pipe with electrical tape
Wrap tightly with electrical tape to make a base for the Teflon
center pipe wrapped in electrical tape. ready for teflon
ready to add teflon tape
pipe epoxyed inside of paint can
epoxy the pipe assembaly to the center of the bottom of the paint can. make sure to rough up both surfaces

The picture above is of the components that I chose to make the ant traps. The metal nipples that were called for in the design were prohibitively expensive, which forced me to use PVC piping. Since the PVC will naturally float I had to epoxy the pipes to the bottom of the can. The other recommendation that I would have should you decide to make one of these is to scout out an old metal coffee can. They will work just the same as the empty paint cans and save a bunch of money. 

The dog poop composter has been set up in the back yard at the high point in the landscape. This one was one of the easiest and, cheapest projects that can be installed. Below you can see the prep work for the bucket.

bucket with holes drilled in sides
space the holes and stagger them
bucket with bottom removed
cut off the bottom just above the base

Sinking the bucket was fairly easy. The ground is in good shape there. I was able to find all of the small rocks that I needed from the stream behind the property. The pictures are a little deceptive, but the hole for the device is around 3 feet deep. The shovel worked well for the first two feet or so and post hole diggers were used to get to the right depth.

 bucket sunk into ground bucket sunk into ground near wheelbarrow bucket ending and dirt hole begining view through bucket with rocks at the bottom rocks at bottom of bucket hole

Over the next few weeks a cover will join the assembly, and the composter will be surrounded by its own raised bed with roses.

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