After quite a bit of looking around and research. I have finally narrowed the plants down to the first ten plants for the herb garden. The list looks like this.

Plant types:

Lavender: Will grow in 4b (perennial) likes full sun, and well drained soil.
Potential uses:
Herb bags (To Sell)

Dandelion: Grows every where. Will need to section off an area and simply encourage them while disadvantaging other species.
Potential uses:
Dandelion Jelly (to store and sell)
Dandelion Coffee

Comfrey: Tis is on the property already and only need to be advantaged or perhaps moved.
Potential Uses:
Compost starter
Comfrey tea (high nitrogen)

Garlic: Will need to be brought in and perhaps will take a year to establish
Potential Uses:

Ginger: can be done. It will need to be started indoors, transplanted into the garden and collected in before snow
Potential Uses:
Ginger tea
Candied Ginger

Rosemary: Will grow in zone. (perennial)
Potential Uses:
Rosemary incense (to sell)

Thyme: grows in zone (perennial)
Potential Uses:
Thyme oil

Saffron Crocus: this one may be a challenge but if it works the reward could be great.
Potential Uses:
Spice (To Sell)

Feverfew: will grow in zone (perennial)
Potential Uses:
Tea, or tincture

Potential Uses:
Dried (To Sell)

The next step for all of this is to find the plants. Most of the ones that need to be purchased can be bought at the local greenhouse. I am also thinking that the garden will not be located in one place bur spread over a few places on the property.


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