Not long ago I completed the first of many cold frames I plan to build. It is a small test frame, built to simply prove that I can. I think it came out pretty nicely.


The construction is very simple. I used 2×2 lumber for the corner posts. The siding is simple 1×3 pine. The cover comes from some plexiglass picture frames that I stumbled upon for free. The only pieces missing are a thermometer and lid lifter, which I do not think I will install on this one since it is so small.
The dimensions of this one are 16×20. But it proves the theory,and it allowed me to figure out the needed scale. The goal of building these is to apply a version of them to some of my existing beds, extending the growing season. Once the season is extended the yield should go up as well.


The few small plants that can be seen inside are projects for the kids. A couple of beans and a squash. They will not make it to fruit but it will be fun to have the kids learn how to take care of them.

So far it has been a smashing success. The frame is five days old and has sprouted the squash already.


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