This year has been dismal for gardening. It feels as though timing and practices have been off all year. We started early with some crops, and lost seed to birds and rot, while other crops we started too late and it is still in a growing state. I also did quite a bit of unproven experimenting this year, with a good portion of the gardens. this is something that i will not be repeating next year. there also seemed to be quite a bit more rain this year, the garden spent a lot of time soaking wet.

So far we have harvested a handful of radishes, and one small bag of mixed beans and peas, three tomatoes. But I am holding out some hope. The carrots are still going, as are the beets, and chard. The beans are still putting out small quantities, and several are still flowering. The radish has already gone to seed. The raspberries had a banner year, but not even that was enough to withstand the onslaught of a two and four year old. I will be expanding that bed next year. The other shining star this year are the four mature apple trees on the property line. They are producing like mad, they love all the rain.

The days are getting colder now, and it is raining more frequently. Both of which are not conducive to making food. The asparagus and rhubarb will not be ready until next season. I also missed the mark with the calorie crops. Potatoes, onions, and that sort of thing. We also did not make it into chickens this year. There will be clucking and scratching next year come hell or high water, I loves me a chicken.

In this day and age it is not the big deal it once would have been. We can augment our supplies with the grocery store. Part of me is left hanging; had it been the olden days, the coming winter would have been brutal. I’m left to wonder how a small acreage like mine would have made it in the olden days where you made it your self or went without. There is a great deal of respect due to the pioneers of old. Had it not been for their tenacity, and resilience we would not be the country we are today. Somewhere along the way though we lost this knowledge for the most part. The ancient knowledge of our fore runners is hidden from most. We have been led to depend for the most part on the modern amenities. It is a dependency that is to the point where a green lawn is worth more to most than a small patch of garden. Many go so far as to discount the garden as a messy fixture, and substandard.

I would be remiss if I did not make mention that people are coming around. They are waking up slowly here and there. I would be remiss if I did not tell you that I have seen more family gardens this year than I have seen in quite some time. We are making our way back to the way of our parents and grandparents. Like all generations though, it takes time to get to the ” mom was right” or ” grandpa knew a thing or two” stage. Usually by the time we make it to this point however, we are left to learn it on our own so things move slower. They move though, and that is the point. Never stop moving.

With that in mind i am looking forward. Currently I am looking into fall crops, the very few that can be had here in the northeast. And I am planning for a bigger year next year. The shining star of this years garden was the wood core bed that we installed. These will be a bigger part next year, and I have some exciting posts to share during their planning stages.


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