New gear

I got mail! New shiny trinkets from the postman. And thus kicks off the first gear testing, done at lilredhomestead. Which shiny bauble has caught my eye you may ask? Well, it’s not shiny per say. It is the Maxpedition E.D.C pocket organizer.
For a good number of years I have been in the camp of stuff it all in the pockets and go. This works, but there are holes in the system that leave a lot to be desired. There was no organization, and often items will become damaged destroyed.
A great section of sustainability involves our own persons, and how equipped we are for our daily activities, and the incidents that we do not see. It is for this reason, and in order to address these gaps that I have decided to give this device a try. When I am done testing it out I will post a detailed review.

Now, I won’t tell you what’s in it yet because, well one it won’t do you much good as e.d.c is and should be tailored to the individual. Also because I am still perfecting the setup with the expanded capabilities. I will however spread it all out during the gear review.


On the farm side of things the tomatoes have exploded, it seems that I went to bed one night and the next moment there were about a dozen large green tomatoes.

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