Dollar store challenge

Today I gave myself a challenge, and I also give it to you. Go into your local dollar store, and see how much storable food and supplies you can achieve for 40.00. Part of the homesteading and sustainability mindset is breaking dependence on outside factors. There is also an element of survivalism involved as well.


Here is a list of what I got.

1 green plastic tote
1 Non dairy creamer
4 noodle packs just add water
1 package peppermint hard candy
2 packages granola bars 4 each
2 cans Vienna chicken
2 lbs spaghetti
2 cans pasta sauce
4 cans chunk chicken
3 cans chunk ham
24 12oz bottle water
5 PK ramen beef flavor
5 PK ramen chicken flavor
1 can instant coffee
1 jar peanut butter
1 jar beef bullion cubes
3 cans tuna
1 disposable lighter
1 can opener
1 box drink mix
1 3 pack paper towels

The final total was 44.95. This is due to the can opener and lighter. I wanted to have one of each to sacrifice to the tote.

I am interested to see what you all come up with. If you take the challenge throw up a reply, or make it into an entry on your own blog.

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