As we cruise through fall and on to the dreaded winter the work load explodes. It seems as though, overnight there are now a thousand things that scream for our undivided attention. If you are like us and closed in for months on end without being able to open a window, the preparations for this time are essential for better air quality and hygiene through the winter months.
Today’s focus is on the favorite holdouts for dust bunnies, and those lost things you thought you would never see again. That’s right, were talking behind the appliances, and under furniture. We recently removed an old chair that we had for ages. It was a bit broken and smelled of dog. Now that it is gone, and cleaned up after it gives the room a very spacious feel.
When cleaning under and behind the appliances don’t forget to vacuum off the coils and compressor. Also take a quick look for anything odd or out of place. Even though you may not be a appliance repair expert, chances are good that you can spot something out of the ordinary. This may save you from having to lug a fridge or stove thought the snow and cold.
I was hoping to post some dirty pics of the backside…..of my fridge haha. But alas motivation is fleeting, and a business trip squashed that for now.


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