The last few weeks have been very busy. I have finally been able to pull some of the fall crop from the garden and collect some seed. The carrots finished very well and produced quite a few large carrots. There are several sunflowers that were taken out, as well as some really good bean seed. The next steps are to chop and drop everything that’s left. One of the beds has been invaded by Bermuda grass, and will probably get the black plastic treatment after the veggies come out.
On another note I recently turned 21, ( for the twelfth time) mrs lilred and the rug rats got me a nice canning set. I’m looking for a good recipe to start with. If any of you out there have an easy, no fail recipe that I can cut my canning teeth on let me know in the comments. I still have this false conception that everything canned will resemble a medical jar, and taste of pickles. I think if I can it myself this will go away.
We also have a new mouser joining the homestead, he should be here sometime today. There is nothing like a few good cats in a farm house to keep the mice honest. And since there is no way to mouse proof an old farm house a cat or two are essential.


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  1. Hi there! I enjoy your blog! I have a few recipes on my blog . My favorites so far are tomato sauce and pickled jalapenos. I also recently canned applesauce and that one is really simple, just apples and cinnamon. You can find an easy recipe online for that anywhere. I would recommend you don’t add sugar. Also, don’t over season any of them, some seasoning will become bitter as they sit. Meaning, can a tomato base with just a few seasonings and then doctor it up once you use it. Happy canning!

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