Good morning;

I first want to apologize for not being on top of this blog as I should. I want to let you know, I am still here. This is a time
For thinking. The leaves are all gone now, and the snows of winter have arrived. While the larders are full and the gardens sleep
There is time for contemplation.

The lifestyle of homesteading has many facets. Many aspects that when taken together create the sustainable life that we all desire. When I first began this journey, I was as a man, before a Herculean labyrinth. All of the directions assaulted at once, and were coupled with a world that was seemingly spinning its self apart. When the fog of all that sustainability entailed had cleared a bit I was able to step back. With the help of this community I have been able to make some sense of the monstrous tasks that lay ahead.

What then did the man before the labyrinth see? What challenges were presented? What promises? He saw an unsolvable riddle, the answer to which carried a price which exceeded unattainable. He saw a glorious, better life glimmering from within the puzzle. He saw freedom promised, and found incrementally throughout. He saw that the world left behind, would to some degree turn itself upon; and reject him. He saw the minions, guarding the stolen dreams of his forefathers.

What then would cause a man, in the face of such a Goliath to choose a path? I’ll tell you. The man looked down to his feet, and there beside his were four small indentations in the dirt. They were the shape of small feet. The man chose to take a path because of this. He chose for the purpose of reigniting the torch of his forefathers, and delivering on the promise that was stolen from them many years ago. It is a promise as old as nature itself. The promise to ensure that ones offspring will be better prepared than that of the parent.

It is this ideal that leads me now. It is this image that urges me along through the labyrinth. I would like to hear your story, your vision of your journey. I would love to know what drives you toward your goal.

Until next time



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