A decorated Christmas tree with colored lights

Heading toward Christmas on the homestead

We are now less than a week from Christmas here on the homestead. All of the worries of the day take a break for a few days this time of year. The house is set, and the hearths are warm. Outside the world is wrapped in a thick white blanket. Our days have shortened and the earth sleeps again. It is this precious lull between harvest and planning for the year ahead that gives us pause to reflect. Thoughts of family, and friends that bless and enrich our lives everyday. We think of where we would be without them and pause, to give thanks. It is because of The Lord who gave his only begotten son that we give thanks.

All those years ago in an occupied land a baby was born in a manger because there was no room at the inn. All those years ago he was born, to die for us. All those years ago when self reliance, and self sufficiency had teeth. A time where if you were not both of these; well you were dead. There was no option to hit the store if a particular crop did not come in, or if a predator made off with your chickens. Your car was an ass, and your truck; a cart. It was into this world a child was born.

The son of a carpenter, and a virgin. He was showered in that manger with gifts and worship by all those that had the wisdom to see what had happened to this world. Those that saw the gift that was given to us. The babe grew to man, and fulfilled his destiny. It is because of this birth that we celebrate the season. It is because of this birth we rejoice, and raise our voices in glad song.

In our time we forget ourselves. We are awash in a sea of material things pedaled to us with the goal of creating wealth. The longer we are upon the sea the harder it is to see the lighthouse that is the ultimate gift ever given to man, our Christ. It is this very time of year that holds the greatest need to refocus, find the lighthouse that is Christ, and begin the long row back.

My purpose with this post is not to bludgeon anyone with an anti consumerist club, nor is it to alienate any faith besides my own. We all shop. We all exchange gifts. We are all free to worship what we want to worship. My purpose is simply to speak to fellow believers in Christ, and encourage them to keep rowing, and keep pulling closer to him. I also want to wish all of my readers a joyous and safe time through to the new year.

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