The season is underway

We’re heading through June now, and activities on the homestead are moving along. The regular beds are all planted and coming up. This year has been great for building the fungus net in the beds. The mushrooms are everywhere. The few experiments that I have done this year are all in good shape. The planters on the deck rails are indeed a good idea the cucumbers are behaving exactly as I had hoped, and growing down over the edge. The only concern that I have at the moment is that there will not be enough soil in the store bought planters to sustain a full grown plant. In order to offset soil burn out I had to keep the population of the boxes down to two plants per, allowing me six plants total to try with. To hedge in case it doesn’t work I have also planted traditional cucumbers as well.

This is my first year trying upside down tomatoes, and I must admit I am pretty much sold. Using this method has been a huge space saver, and so far the growth of the upside down group is surpassing the traditional plants. I am confident the trend on these will reverse when the traditional plants reach down to the fungal net in the wood core bed.

This year I also took a leap into celery, I had not realized they would be such water hogs. When I transplanted the celery in for the season most of the plants browned pretty fast. Now the celery gets water each day, and most of the plants are responding well, though they will never be grocery store sized.

The first loss of the year however goes to the brand new dill plant. The poor plant was almost two feet tall when a deer came along and ate every bit of it. I am now left with six inch stalks where dill should be. I am hopeful the damage will mend enough to at least self-drop seeds for next year.

We are adding some new beds as well, the construction is moving slowly, but so far has cost zero. When completed the beds will offer more growing space and forever relieve me from having to mow the side hill. A small complication to these beds has been my over enthusiasm to get the blueberries planted. In my haste I planted them in the middle of the construction area before I started. If anyone has experience moving these I welcome your advice.


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