Maxpedition pocket organizer review

Back in August of last year I began reviewing the Maxpedition pocket organizer. Over the last several months I have been using this item and here is what I think.

When I first got this pouch I missed the spirit of intended use. I was a bit swayed by the reviews on YouTube. The vast majority of reviews had the pouch stuffed to the seams with all manner of things, kind of a mechanicitis in your pocket if you will. With that type of use the pouches were not being used as an augmentation to an EDC. The pouches were largely stuffed in bags or glove boxes of vehicles and taken out when needed. While it is true that the Maxpedition will excel at this use, it is not the use that I had in mind.

My purpose for testing this bit of gear was to find a device that would allow me to expand my EDC kit without massive weight gain. Initial attempts tended to follow the load outs on the internet, and as a consequence I needed both hands to raise one leg. As a result the pouch spent a while in a glove box, and a while in a backpack. I have finally come back around to using it every day.

I am not going to review the pouches functions, zippers, cloth quality, or any physical aspect of its construction. There are plenty of other sources that have done a fantastic job of that. In this review I want to offer some thoughts on loading it up. Some bits that I have taken away from carrying the pouch through my daily routine.

The first question to address when setting the kit up was, what do I want this bag to do? I have found that starting with a goal for use or a scenario where the bag would be employed seemed to ward off a bit of the pack ratting. Since I travel a fair bit to get to work and back any vehicle that I use is set up so that I can get home. The logical use for me was to employ this bag so that I could get back to the vehicle. Your use will be different I am sure, but I will use my method as an example. I started by sitting down and thinking about all the places I go in a day that are away from my vehicle. I looked for anything that might pose an obstacle to my return. I then took a look at what would be needed to defeat said obstacles. The first list was exceedingly long with a great many things that would not fit, or would require a backpack to haul.

I then went through the list and refined, narrowing it down first to anything that would fit. The next step was to weigh what was left off from what was in. There were a great many items that were swapped, or scrapped and brought back many times. I then took a look at the weight of the bag. Since I intended to use it in a cargo pocket, I could not have it smashing my knee all day like a hammer. More refining followed. The next step was to go back to the list of items that were not included to see if I could use the items in the bag to create, or attain some of the items that were not included.

By doing this I was funneled into looking at all of the uses for each item that was included, and how those items would interact with my surroundings through my daily movements. I ended up with a kit that is light enough to carry but strong enough to deliver me to where it is designed to deliver me to.

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