plastic box holding seeds

Saving Our Seeds

Today’s entry is a project that has been in the back of my mind for some time now. Up until this point I had no good way to properly store my extra seeds. Up until this point I had really paid it no mind. But alas seeds have a life span, and luckily for us it can be extended with some very simple steps.

Today I built my own seed vault. With six foot carbon titanium walls, dug into the side of the mountain…… no not really. It is as simple as a small plastic storage box in the back of my fridge. Yes, it was that simple.

plastic box holding seeds
simple low budged seed vault

From what I have been reading, and what I know of seeds. The process for extending their viability depends on reducing the temperature, and humidity. It’s really not as simple as I just made it, but the wonderful thing is the steps outlined in my very simple answer will work just fine.

What I did to complete this project was to first sort apples with apples, so to speak. I then placed all of the like seeds into plastic zipper bags. After removing most of the air from the bag I labeled them with the type, and year they were bought. The majority were from this year anyway. The multiple baggies were then placed into the plastic box, and the box placed into the fridge.

tomato seeds in a plastic bag
storing the seeds in plastic bags “locks” the humidity

I must admit that this method will not ensure that my grandkids have the same seeds from the days of their grand pappy, it will extend the life of the seed at least a couple of years.

The same can be done without sacrificing fridge space if you have a cool dark room somewhere else on the homestead. For me the fridge just fit. I think the next step to this fun project will be to find or create a seed exchange, and see what kind of fun can be had.

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