Todays mission will be to get some seeds started. The standard practice of using trays, pete pellets etc… is going out the window. Why you ask? because Keurig. We use a Keurig brewer here at the homestead, and while i know it is not a sustainable practice there are definatly ways of mitigating the waste. The amazing benifit of these little cups is that each one is its own seed sprouting cup. The plan is simple. remove the foil top and recycle it. Empty and save the coffee, and use the remaining cup and filter as a seed starter. This is not an original idea, but it does make enough sense to employ it. Over the last few weeks i’ve managed to save up enough spent cups to make a small start at this. 

Also i’m attempting to source compost to augment the beds. I’m still arguing with myself whether is is better to buy compost, or find a horse farmer with something of a surplus. I’m thinking the latter but still need to think on it. 

I did a bit more looking into the idea of pellet production here at the homestead. it’s looking like it may not be as great of an option as I had previously thought. originally my thinking was to source sawdust from a firewood supplier and create a mill to make the pellets. Then I found that pellets can be made from grass as well. Natrually my first inclination was that there finally was a use for the useless grass that is all over the homestead. As it turns out, you need serious amounts of grass to pull this off. long story short, I’m still looking into it. I’ll keep you posted. 


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