this weekend was a busy one. Most of it revolved around the home away from homestead. With our first family outing just a week away it’s crunch time for preparing. In between that and the rest of life there was a little time for gardening. 

 early season rhubarb  
The rhubarb is starting to come out. I love the colors

an early season strawberry  baby asparagus beginning to pop up

We are also seeing the strawberries come out, and the very first hints of asparagus. We also were gifted a ton of garlic so we put that in as well. It’s the wrong side of the season, but I think it will be ok since it was already established  

transplanted garlic
I finally brought myself to call the compost place to get prices, as it turns out the prices are pretty darn good. This will really help out for developing the existing beds and starting my plan to extend, which may not need to be held off after all. 
One other small development, our logo has arrived from our illustrator. It looks fantastic and I’m hopeful that I’ll have it up here this week.


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