On the road gear review; electric griddle

 bacon and pancakes cooking 

Today I thought I would put up an initial impression product review. Meet the Presto cool touch electric griddle. 

It is an aluminum cook top with a non stick  coating that is 10.5 by 20 inches. There is plenty of room for a half pound of bacon and 6 1.5 inch pancakes. 

The griddle has what you would expect to see, removable drip tray, temperature control, and safety plastic ring around it. The packaging also boasts that it is fully immersable. Because the unit is purchased, this won’t be a feature I’ll be testing. 

It is also very lightweight. You can carry it easily in one hand down camper steps. The light weight also aids in keeping overall camper weight down. 

I’ve found its a power gulper at 1500W. I’m sure there is a lower power option in the market. If your out in a camper with no hookups don’t plan on running this bad boy off the battery. We ran it from our generator this morning and had no problems. 

 pancakes and vacon cooking
It was a little slow to start up, but I think that had to do with my haste to get breakfast. Once it came up to temperature the pancakes cooked lighting quick and perfect golden brown. 

Couple that with the 18.00 Amazon prime price (we paid 40) and your sitting pretty. 

My first impression is that while the unit is a bit of a power hog it transfers that to the convenience of a quick breakfast. Which is really the goal when the whole family is hungry.  

We are planning to do some pork chops on it this afternoon due to the totalitarian burn ban that is still in effect. Look for more updates on this unit as the summer goes on. 

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