Todays list started with removing branches that had fallen in the winter, and were blocking the gate. This had me on top of a ladder praying not to be badly broken. 

 ladder resting on a tree 
 All of the wood will be claimed for campfire fun this summer. The quest began with the need to recover the lawn mower which over wintered in a snow bank. True to form the old girl fired right up, even on old gas. Looks like there is no riding tractor for me this summer. 

 a lawn mower

I’m still trying to get rid of lawn a little at a time. This years perennial addition is kiwi. I plan to integrate this into a fence around the front gardens. 

 kiwi plants  

I’m willing to bet these will make a delicious jelly or jam. They will also work well with the strawberries for smoothies. The kids have become smoothie conoseures. 


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