today it finally warmed up enough to get outside without a parka. I’ve finished my version of a potato stack system. 

 stacking potato boxes

The contraption is two feet square and I’ve put in nine spud seeds. If this season does well I’ll put in three more just like it. 

 strawberry blossoms
The strawberry plants are really blossoming this year I’m hopeful to have some fruit. They seem to like life with the raspberry bushes. It makes weeding a bear, but keeps the critters out. 

I’ve also taken a crack at a super micro swail. It’s hard to see but the pictured bed slants downhill left to right. I had trouble with flooded potatoes last year. This year the hope is that the swail will slow the water enough to allow the ground below to not flood. I know it works on a large scale with trees planted into it. Since a trees would surely wreck my bed I’ve opted for smaller helpers.  Lettuce and radish will hopefully act as trees to hold the soil. I’ll keep this updated. 
Additionally I found about a half dozen onions and a potato that eluded harvest last year, and somehow over wintered. They all went back in for another run. 

 Until next timeoutdoor firepit 


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