if you remember back a year or so I was all excited because I had just made a compost tumbler. Here and Here. Well that fell flat. The batch that I had in the fall looks no different than before, and I’m not smelling the sweet smell of compost working. 

 compost in a tumbler

I’m very confident that the failed batch is due to design flaws. First and foremost is the lack of paddle. The mix doesn’t tumble. It simply slides. The next flaw I think is the over abundance of drain holes. There is one every six inches around the circumference of the barrel. (Give or take)

 a compost tumbler

This allows what moisture it gets to fall out underneath ( I have received no complaints from the blackberries). I think once these flaws are corrected it should work well. 

But alas I cannot wait, or pay lots of money to buy compost. This brings us to today’s project. 

 a pallet compost bin 
I give you compost 2.0. It’s bigger it’s badder and it’s closer to the kitchen. My plan is to recycle wood pellet bags to line the bottom and partially up the sides. After that it will only take a junk tarp to cover and away we go. My hope here is to create enough compost by next spring to augment our beds without having to import material. 

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  1. Hey yeah, I made a tumbler just last month. I forgot to add the paddle too. I don’t have high hopes for its success, but I guess we’ll see.

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