Rainy day thoughts

sometime in the not to distant future I will have my greenhouse. I’m thinking I want to see half of it as an aquaponic system and the other half for propagating plants. In order to do that I have to get familiar with the aquaponic system of growing. Because of a minor case of mechanicitis I happen to have a fish tank kicking around. 

 a fish tank

Enter the base for this experiment. I plan to build the setup around this. The initial research so far says this has been done a lot. 

The sticking point is the lighting. Standard systems use power hungry, and somewhat hazardous flouresent systems. I’d like to bring down the power draw. My first searches turned up led systems, for around $7,000. Since that’s not happening I’m looking for a diy solution. 

It’s looking like the diy solution isn’t right for me since I have no soldering skills at all and I’m not really that into burning down my house. Thankfully there’s Amazon, they offer a ton of solutions at decent prices. There are a couple that look interesting to me. 

The next piece is the plumbing It is looking like the pump will be very affordable and also available on Amazon. I’m hoping to put this thing together in the next month or so. 

For this little system I think gold fish will work fine, I’m currently looking at trout for an option in the big system. 

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