today we start a new method of growing food. In my last post Rainy day thoughts I dove into the idea of bringing aquaponics to the homestead. Today you all get to take the first steps with me. 

We start out like we start out so many tasks here, by reclaiming wood. We don’t reclaim wood for any noble save the world kind of theology, it’s more about keeping the budget from being destroyed at the starting line. I’ve rummaged up about a pallet and a half to get going.

 a pallet 
Obviously the task is to turn the above sub standard pallet into useable wood

 salvaged pallet parts 
Once the pallet is broken down the tedious work begins. All the nails must be removed because, well we don’t like buying saw blades. When the nails are out its time t go piece by piece, evaluating each one. Much the same way you would with puzzle pieces. 

 sorted pallet pieces 
For today that’s as far as it goes. More to come tomorrow. Don’t forget to subscribe and like us on Facebook or Twitter or both 


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