Today finds me with more time for focused effort on this project. It’s shaping up to be smaller than I envisioned but then again we always dream bigger than reality. 

First things first a housing and base for the tank itself. 

 a fish tank

After this I need risers to create the platform for the grow bed. Space for hands and plumbing needs to be factored in

 wooden fishtank frame

The next piece was the platform for the grow bed. I made this with a regular bed frame in mind. The slats are not fastened so they can move and accommodate drain pipes. When those were cut to size, I made a frame on the long open sides that sits flush with the slats. The frame will not allow them to slide out. 

 wooden framed fish tank with shelf above 
After that, a couple of diagonal braces were added to take out any twist in the structure. 

So far the cost of the project stands at zero. The next steps include plumbing fixtures, water and air pumps, test supplies, and fish. Also soon to come, grow beds, media, and lighting. 

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  1. Great start. This is exactly how we started with a small system indoors off of our 55 gallon aquarium. It has now grown to building systems for hire and teaching/training classes in aquaponics. Never expected to be so thrilled with aquaponic gardening after 40 years of traditional gardening!

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