this weekend we are taking a look at the other side of RV camping. We are staying at an RV park. It’s a whole different world all of your needs are met, anything you want is probably on site. There’s wifi, cable and they even deliver pizza. A far cry from sustainable but we all need to be pampered occasionally. 

In the north east up here they have wacky restrictions on transported fire wood due to the emerald ash bore beatle. This has forced us to buy the crappiest pine in the world. It took the longest time to figure out why this stuff would do nothing but smoke. More smoke than I’ve ever seen. As it turns out the problem wasn’t the wood it. Was the stone scattered on the camp site. The air wasn’t reaching the fire from the bottom. So I whipped out my engineering cap and we got this. 

 a camp fire 
By sticking a chunk of 2×4 under the fire ring he fire instantly took off. So a bit of timeless knowledge there. If it’s not burning get air to the bottom. 


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