despite the nice weather not a lot is going on here. It is very subdued. People have just started showing up. The griddle from my previous review works even better on full power. The unit came to temperature in about two minutes. 

 bacon cooking

If you missed it you can find the review  Here overall we’re stoked to have this unit it is doing great and the cooking surface is very resiliant. 

We also adds another gem to the collection. Before this trip we picked up a small kettle grill

 a small kettle grill

This little grill is amazing. It took a minute to re learn how to use charcoal well but once it got going it really went. Not only that, the grill holds a ton of food. 

 a grill loaded with food

That’s about two pounds of chicken and a pound and a half of burgers! 

Now it’s s’mores time, so until next time take care friends



  1. We just came home from a camping trip with our family, such great memories. Your food looks delicious.

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