Today kicked off with a visit to the dog park for the camping dog. 

 dog at dog park

We got a fair bit of rain last night, and I’m happy to report there were no leaks. 

I’m still loving the community here. I’m fairly sure there are no crabby people here.  

Today was also general chores day. I have to be honest and say I will not miss the days of stuffing everything into bags to wash when we get home. 

On the menu tonight is grilled pork that has been marinating in a top secret sauce for three days.

 pork grilling slowly 

The kids lucked out on this trip. The store here sells bags of sand with treasure inside. Each bag has a certain amount of shiney stones and polished rocks in it. The kids dump the mix into a sluce setup and sift out the sand to get their gems. 

I’m thinking that while this is not nessisarily camping, it is a nice stress free weekend. 


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