Here comes some rough days

Well were barreling back toward winter. All the preparations that have been being treated with a grasshopper mentality are now looming. There’s heat to buy, tires to replace, drafts to stop. There seems to be a never ending stream presenting itself demanding attention.

I’m confident that all of these will be accomplished but still it seems daunting. I still wonder though what it looked like in the olden days when these types of tasks bunched up. We’re they allowed to bunch up? Surely there was a wholly different mindset when bunching meant big trouble. Either way we will be ready

The garden this year has been an utter disappointment. Nothing has taken at all and I’m quite sure nothing will fruit except the raspberries and some peas. It feels like a mix of tired soil and not enoug sun. I’m thinking that the large trees will need to come out pretty soon. 

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