Today is the last full day here at the park for us. The girls have declared it a “beach day” which has given me some nice quiet time with camp dog. 

 camp dog enjoying the dirt

He has become a conoseures of fine camp ground dirt. His collection currently spans three states. 

I’m split now wether the voltage drain is the heater or the water pump. We have only used he water pump this weekend and have the same results; a c02 detector that won’t shut up. Needless to say this trip we don’t need the heater so the little bastard got unhooked. 

I tell you that story because it led to the discovery of another project on the camper. It seems that whomever wired the thing firmly believed they were gifted. I’ve found a ball of in labeled wiring with tons of dead ends that need to be traced back. Yippie 

Gone now to finish the evening with friends at their campsite on the edge of a cliff. 

 a pot cooks oveelooking a cliff  


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