well as predicted earlier in the year the small garden I attempted has gone fallow. There is very little food that has done anything so far.

garden overgrown with weedsI’ve also made the mistake of thinking I could coexist with a ground hog that has taken up residence here on the homestead. He’s turning out to be a bad neighbor.

varmint crop damageThis used to be my garlic and onions. I won’t know what is left until fall. The little bugger has also destroyed my squash. The cucumbers succumbed to a lack of water. The potatoes have gone native. All in all its a big mess.  an oblong tomato One small success though are these tomatoes. They are way behind and growing in very odd shapes but growing none the less. I also spotted one cucumber in the wood core bed that resembles a ball rather than a cucumber. I guess I can take this as proof that the wood core design holds water better.

I can’t help but think how hard winter would be if that garden was a substantial source of nutrition for us. It kind of makes my thumb feel black. At this point in the seasoning thinking I will just let it ride and see what comes out.

As for mr ground hog there is officially a writ of death upon him. His time is at an end…….



  1. My aunt has had trouble with groundhogs, too. Pesky things when it comes to a garden. She finally resorted to container gardening because for every one she gets rid of, it seems two more take its place. Good luck!

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