we have begun the preparations for winter. Baby steps, since it is still ninety degrees out. I’m realizing that we have a lot of stuff. There is a definite need for a yard sale.  

The downfall of heating with wood pellets is the abundance of scrap plastic that they produce. I had more bags than I knew what to do with. It’s a good thing we have a recycling bin set up. 

The goal is to clear a patch big enough to hold 4 tons of pellets. I think I’m close.  

plywood on a clearnpatch of barn floor 
Generally if all of that plywood is showing, I have room. I really need a yard sale. 

The next vexing problem presents itself. After our last camping trip I quickly realized one of our bunks was letting go

 outer shell peeling away from the door 
Since the construction is only foam sandwiched between thin plywood, I am very doubtful this will hold. My best estimate is the repairs will put the camper out of commission for a couple weeks. Unfortunately we are booked to camp the next two weeks. So time for a temp solution. 

 plywood leaning in a camper door 
The plywood is long enough to reach the frame of the door and the body of the camper. It should work, maybe. I’ll keep you posted. 

My camper is quickly beginning to resemble a lumber yard. Not quite what I signed up for, stay tuned. 


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