Day one and day two are kind of blurring together. It’s been a hell of a week and it’s quiet here. I can think. There is not much in the world like a campfire and quiet to really get some things ironed out. 

Thinking however leads to a need to passively do something. So I whittled. When one is surrounded with estrogen all day it is wise to sometimes do something manly to balance it all out. 

 wood shavings on the ground 
It is remarkably quiet here. There is a distant buzz from the highway several miles off, but your bound to have that wherever you go. 

I have brought along my drone for this trip. I hope to get an aerial view of the campsite. I also have been somehow talked into sending a stuffed monkey up as a passenger. I can’t be certain but I got played. As soon as I acquiesced the crying stopped. Hmmm….

We just had a bear show up at the campsite. Well it was a person in a bear suit. They were handing out lollipops to the kids. 

For lunch, hotdogs over a campfire. 

 hot dogs roasting on a campfire 
There is something about a hotdog made on a campfire that you cannot get by cooking it any  other way. 

The people are friendly here. The atmosphere resembles the KOA from earlier this year; only without the hand and foot pampering. Our site is close to people but I don’t feel like I’m on display in a zoo. 

Next stop mini golf! 18 on the putt putt, I had a good round shooting a 17. Now, about that farm I was selling ya. Enough of my BS Here’s some photos. 


The course was very nice, with no robot pirates or electric rock and roll windmills. Just classy and relaxing. 

Stay tuned. More to come. 


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