well it’s time to take the camper out again. This is perhaps our last trip of the year. 

The ride up is picturesque. Through farms and small towns you can see the lake in the background. 

We finally arrived to this view. 

 cloudy sky with lake in the background

 a field of purple flowers
Behind us there is a huge field of these purple flowers, milkweed, and goldenrods. 

It is amazingly flat here. I can see from end to end. It is a bit bizarre, and like no state park I’ve ever visited. 

Bbq pork for supper tonight. Unfortunately there are no pictures. I had a senior moment. We have met the first strike so far. The pool apparently closes at 3pm. I had the misfortune to discover this with a truck full of amped up kids. My ears are still ringing. 

Day one is a bit of a wash. 


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