I thought I would start today with this lovely image. Today we reinforced  the knowledge that ethanol gas sucks a lot. The generator is dead, and we are back to charcoal. 

  bacon ready to cook on a grill grate

So now I am going to need to take apart the bowl and try to clean the float. 

Luckily we are surrounded by good neighbors with kids so the girls have gone to play, and it is quiet here. 

Cleaning a carb bowl without all the right tools is a challenge. Everything is back together now, I’m just hoping the seals weren’t totally smoked. Unfortunately I ran out of time to test fire it this morning. The state parks are quite picky about when you run generators.   

We have a pretty good sized storm coming in now from the west. 

 a storm rolling in 

This looks like good napping weather. 


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