long story short, I’m not buying the power company it only feels that way. We have something at the homestead that is chewing up power like the NSA has a data center in the basement. It must be found. 

With some help from our local efficiency agency (I think that’s how it is called) we now have a loaner watt meter thingamabobber ( technical term) they mailed it out to us to use free for three weeks to isolate the voltage hog. 

My initial thought was the fridge since it is old, but that’s not appearing to be the case just yet. 

The results are back on the fridge. It is only costing us three dollars more than a new one. I can live with that since the return on three dollars a month would be longer than the life of a new fridge. The next appliance is he chest freezer but that is very new, and as he data streams in everything looks normal. 

The next stop was the coffee maker. This thing pulls some juice. 17 Kw per month according to the monitor. While it is not the culprit it sure is not helping. 

So far I haven’t found anything wildly out of whack, it could be that it is an amalgamation of a bunch of things. So far I have no way to test the hard wired components like the water heater and dryer. I will need some more research on those. 



  1. A few years back, we lived with a roommate and the power bill began creeping up and up. Eventually, the gradual climb turned into an epic jump and things began to stop working, like the AC, stove, outlets…we found out that the problem was actually the underground wiring buried outside going to the meter box. If you can’t find the culprit, have the power company come test their lines.

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