Breaking free. Pick a direction

good morning my awesome readers. There are lots of questions today I can’t seem to put answers to. It is a feeling like spinning in the wind and not knowing how to stop. 

I think that if I write it down the act of doing so will help me unravel it. I also have the benefit of the best readers on the planet. So here it goes. 

As many of you know I’m currently stuck in the corporate grind, and I want out. Not just out though, out and away. I want to get to a place where I’ll never have to go back. 

I’m too old to believe that repairing old lawn mowers, and setting up a farm stand on .2 acres will even make a dent in replacing my current situation. I need to develop a net if you will that pulls together all of the little things I do well into one amalgamation that will scale up to replace corporate America for me. 

The thought this morning is how do I harness al of these computer related skills I’ve spent years aquiring and stick them to the new lifestyle being crafted. 

So here’s what I can do. If you see a way to put these together that I miss please please let me know. 

  • All Microsoft office
  • HTML 
  • Some JavaScript 
  • Css 
  • Gimp
  • Some joomla 
  • Some FTP

My initial thought was screaming to take a weekend and make a bunch of demo websites and stuff them on an old computer that can play host. Then take these samples out to local businesses and see what happens. 

Another thought is to hold these skills and develop the arduino skills aggressively to construct managed micro greenhouses. My best murky guess on this one is six months to a year learning what needs to be known. 

If you guys have walked this road, are walking it. Please reach out to me, I could really use like minded folks that understand where I am. 

Until next time…

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