As you are all probably aware, when we purchased he camper we purchased a charcoal grill for the cooking. Well this time out we forgot about the charcoal. If your thinking rookie mistake. Maybe…or was it? 

It started like this. Marinated chicken.. Let’s do a little farther back. 

Since breakfast I had been preparing coals

a campfire place with a trail and fence in the background
I would build up the fire, and stack up the coals. I carried on with this all day. I Had a nice pile, and not a single mosquito. 

When the time came all of my ashes got shoveled up and placed in the grill. 

wood embers glow in a charcoal grill

Once I added the chicken and pineapple rings, it hit me.  I had a smoker ready to go a few feet away. 

chicken on a grate. waiting to be smoked
The transition was really easy and we were off to pineapple smoked chicken!

grill top used as a smoker

This practice shortly evolved into cooking all of dinner over the campfire. 

food cooking over a campfire
It all concluded with some of the best chicken I’ve ever created. 


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