Day three finds our site a bit wet. The rain came early in the morning, thankfully it has left now. 

Pro tip for zombie invasion or family camping trip #1:

Keep your wood dry. 

Thankfully it is all pallet wood and will burn at the bottom of a lake. 

It’s nice to have no plans in place. It gives time to think and plan the season ahead. 

We have finally used up the two complimentary propane tanks that came with the camper, but at the rate things have been breaking I’m a bit nervous about changing them out. 

In fact, the more I look at the camper the more I wonder what the hell the manufacturer was smoking. The construction is absolutely nothing but crap. It’s alright though. Over the summer this will change. 

No more being afraid to use it because it might break. We’re adopting the mindset of daring it to break so we can weed out weakness. 


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