Usually by about this time your reading about how we’re packing up to beat a deadline to get out. Not this time. We have elected to extend the trip by a day!

It is looking like the weather will be perfect again. 

Thor is all about catching some pre breakfast rays. 

I had a thought this morning regarding the camper floor. I have a bunch of wide boards we salvaged many years ago from an out building. What if I were to repurpose hose into a barn board style floor? I don’t know if it has even been done. 

I can’t find it being actually done with full on wood. There are a bunch of cases where it is done with laminate though. 

 Time to start battening down some of he hatches. The rain looks like it’s an hour out. 

Due to the pending storm we moved the cook out under the awning. 

With my littlest helper we set up this micro kitchen and did some chef’ing from the camp chairs. 

It still amazes me how much this little grill will hold. Those pork loins are almost a half pound each! 

So until tomorrow I wish you a good evening. As for me and mine we’ll be visiting. And relaxing. 


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