Today’s word is late…

It’s not starting well. We are no less than an hour behind schedule. Generally that is par for the course. I hate rushing. Always rushin here to there, when getting there has little to no impact on anything. 

I was thinking yesterday about water. Namely a shortfall in it, and how to augment with the city supplied crap that is pushed on everyone. 

Everything I’ve read so far says he existing chemicals only harm the very surface microbes. While technically this may be no problem due to the speed of he microbe recovery, I would prefer to not even have those close to where they can harm. 

It looks like there are a few options. The chloramine can be pulled out with vitamin c. It looks like the flouride will need to be distilled out though.  Something like this, with a simple construction of sealed wood and glass. 

With a little imagination these could be daisy chained as well creating a larger output. At a one inch depth this unit would hold approximately 2.5 gallons in a basin at the bottom. 

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