Stuck on cleaner water

Previously I was babbling about getting the flouride out of tap water to Make it better to use on garden plants. I think the secret is going to come down to this piece 

This is the trough that will hold the tap water for distillation. Previously I had thought to make the evaporation basin in the bottom of the unit. But that would limit me to 24″x24″ roughly with a depth of 1″ to avoid overflowing the conveyor pipe here. 

I have arrived here 

With a tiered design like this the depth of water will decrease to an extent which should increase the evaporation rate. This comes at a cost to surface area. 

Following my initial thought on the trough layout I’ve landed here. 

The design here has gone from approximately 577 cubic inches to 395.  A los of about 3/4 of a gallon working at any given time. 

I believe the win will be with the change of depth from the previous 1″ to the new depth of slightly more than 1/4″ this should allow the incoming water to evaporate faster thereby increasing through put. 

All cleaned up with the other side on we are left here. 

The farther I get myself into this thought, the more uses and applications I think it has. 

Until next time. 

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