Drink your fill..

Previously I was deep in the design of a solar distillation setup. The original thought sprang from a desire to have a back up source for when rain was scarce. 

This led me to think on how to clean up the tap water to make it better for both the plants and whomever wanted to drink it. I learned that sittin out defeats chlorine, and vitamin C will defeat chloramine. I was left though with one more pesky chemical added for our “benifit” by a well meaning government. Flouride. 

Now before you start lobbing tinfoil hats, let’s admit the obvious. This stuff is bad for you. That’s not the point though. I discovered that flouride used in drinking water can be defeated through distillation. 

Which then led me down the sustainable mindset path. A system like this parked on a south facing roof top with the supply and outputs integrated into the structure.  A setup like that could provide discrete drinking water for a very long time. 

So I leave you with this for now. What could you do with a system like this?

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