More details and problem solving

Back again. Still working on the details of the solar distillation unit.

The challenges today are to come up with the fastening method to hold the tap water troughs. To start out I grabbed a cut away of the troughs and their relation to the side of the unit.

Short of routing all 21 pieces into the side wall I will need a method to hold them.

The second item today is to map out the input piping (roughly) to do this I will need a cut away of the whole unit.

If you remember from the last post the PVC channels will be fastened together using a tounge and groove type link and some glue. Because of this I’m thinking one fastener on each end will do the trick. The only complication I can see ahead of time here is heat sag.

I think a simple L type bracket will work

The weight of the water should not be a problem, and the unit will be stationary. With a couple bolts and some silicone this small step is in the bag.

The next step will be to get the tap water into the unit for distillation. I think a small run of copper pipe through to the bottom will deliver.

I think that will work. It is a bit rough. But it’s on the right track.

Until next time.

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