Today the weather is finally nice again. This give me the opening for a couple of things. Gardening, and a new bit of gear to review. 

I found this guy at the local tractor supply store for about $12. My initial impression is that it feels solid. I’ll have a full review this fall.

Next up the side hill. Remember the forgotten side hill from last season? Yeah I almost didn’t either. 

The path And. Back into the swing of things  

I’m currently in a never endin war with the dogs over the side hill. They believe it to be a fancy bathroom and I know it to be a garden. 

The first step was to chop and drop all the free nutrients from the hill. 

This stuff is gold. And it’s kind of fun when people look at you like a madman because you possess tall grass. 

After a quick haircut. I found he last of the blueberry bushes. My lovely dogs killed the other two. 

From there it’s on to burlap barrier layer. 

And the most beautiful part is. If for some reason I don’t make it back to his project right off. The soil does nothing but improve and wait for me. Remember hat grass that was chopped down? Right back on top for mulch. 

Ideally the next step here is to frame out the beds for the stepped corner beds and fill them in. 
Until next time. 


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