Think bigger. Bigger

So. I was doing material research for the troughs, and I’ve come to the realization that my initial thought was too small. 

All the pipe, and gutter that I have seen measures 10′ and the gutter is 4.5″ across at the top. This is slightly more than one set of three of my troughs that have been designed. 

This creates a problem because I will be missing out on surface area which Is gold as far as I can tell for evaporation. 

I think it seals it now that the two are side by side. The previous design was based on 1 1/2 PVC. 

My first impression is that switching to gutter will be a win across the board. If we put aside the added surface area, I also get less cutting, and ripping. I can also incorporate gutter ends and eliminate the need for brackets holding the assembly up. 

The next steps here are to mash this up, and then work the details of the box. 

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