I do believe this project has gone to the gutter

Welcome back! Last post I talked about changing from the 1.5 PVC to standard rain gutter. Today I mock it up and see what happens.

The first stop here is to mash up an end cap.

So the news is not all doom here. I can keep the same length on the box. And only have to increase the height of the box to 10″

An unexpected up side here is that overflow can be handled on a flat side, which means no drilling on an angle and no busted fingers. Yay!

Here are the drilled holes. This should be much more stable than the previous L bracket design.

When the mock gutter is placed in the mock cap. We get this

It already looks much cleaner and less crowded.

There were so few major changes I think I can keep the general shape and thought line for the unit.

Next time I get into detailing the outer box shell

Until next time.


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