More thought to the lid

Through the thought process on this project I have realized that the lid has been skipped over to a certain extent. I aim to fix this. 

What you are seeing here is a mock up of the glass casing and the seal. I realized that the process of getting the water into the collection troughs was missed. 

By using this triangle at the bottom of the collection pane I can force the distilled water into the collection trough. Along the glazing on the outside a simple bead of window glaze should suffice. The yellow half circle is a seal of some sort to provide cushion for the glass, which as it turns out is very expensive. 

So how it would look without the corner 

The section with the green will be at the low end and positioned above the recovery trough.  

I’m still looking at glass options I hope to have more info on that soon. 
Until next time…

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